Calhoun’s Electronic Cage

Brain tissue might be specialized fat, but I think about it like a bunch of muscles. Pretend for a second that the frontal lobes and executive function--the highly evolved stuffs--are like any other voluntary system. They’re self-directed lots of the time, but can be hijacked by the Fishbrain’s limbics and involuntary systems at any second. The higher functions get almost no input when this happens, and usually have no awareness of it either.

COVID19 and Me

Read or Download as a PDF At 9:27 pm on Friday, November 20, I got a text that my test result was ready, and felt a jolt of anxious adrenaline when I saw it was positive. Not terror, or real fear even, more like the “this is it” thought before a race or wrestling match.... Continue Reading →

An Overdue Eulogy

Read or Download This as a PDF It was a Saturday in ’88. I left the house around 9 AM while the sun was bright and yellow in the clear blue sky. Out to the metal swing sets and the monkey bars undergirded with pea gravel. The gravel was coated with whitish dust and soft... Continue Reading →

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