Weekends with Whitman — Salut au Monde, Song of the Open Road, Crossing Brooklyn Ferry

Following Calamus are 11 uncategorized poems that all together comprise more than 100 pages. In this post I'll try to discuss the first three. So far, Whitman has developed a singular voice and the themes recited in earlier parts of the book continue to shine in the text. If I were reading the book straight... Continue Reading →

Weekends with Whitman — Song of Myself (2 of 2)

The 52 sections of Song of Myself can rightly be described as stand-alone vignettes. The first 32 maintain a crescendo--a narrative of the author's self-creation. After that the narrative begins to break down, and the sections have a less deterministic feel. In the first part the author is describing his experiences and beliefs in the... Continue Reading →

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